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Testimonials / References.

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I started learning guitar with Reg when I was 14 in NZ. Now I’m 21, living and studying for a Certificate in Guitar Performance at Musicians Institute in the heart of Hollywood, USA! Wouldn’t be here without his mentoring and awesome teaching skills.

 – Cameron Dabb { pic }

Consider ourselves very lucky to find this great Teacher for our teenage son. He was very thorough teaching the essential basics that build a strong foundation for a great musician. Our son finds his lessons fun because he encourages individuality and teaches popular / relevant songs.

- Kevin Cruikshank


had a wonderful experience learning Ukulele with Reg. He communicated in a way that made things seem simple and achievable. I now really enjoy playing songs and improvising..beyond what I though I was capable of.

- Lisa Jacob                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Professional attitude.

- Anne Palmada.

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